What is telnet?

Telnet is a network protocol and is commonly used to refer to an application that uses that protocol. The application is used to connect to remote computers, usually via tcp port 23. Most often, you will be telneting to a unix like server system or perhaps a simple network device such as a switch. For example, you might "telnet in from home to check your mail at school". In doing so, you would be using your telnet application to connect from your computer to one of your school's servers. Once you established your connection, you would then log in with your account information and execute commands remotely on that computer. The commands you use such as "ls, cd, pine, elm, talk, rm" are operating system commands, and not telnet commands.  

In most remote access situations, telnet has been replaced by ssh for improved security across untrusted networks. However, telnet continues to be used for remote access today and remains a solid network troubleshooting tool as well. You can find more good information on Telnet on WikiPedia.

What is a MUD or MOO?
A MUD is defined as a multi-user domain, multi-user dungeon, or multi-user dimension, all of which are referring to the same thing, an environment where multiple people may be logged on and interacting with one another. Note: Originally MUD was defined as 'Multi-User Dungeon', indicating the multi-player aspect applied to popular single player adventure games of the time like Dungeon and Zork.

Although a common misconception is that all MUDs are games, in truth most of the MUDs out there are games. MUDs can be (and are) used for numerous other purposes including education, research and general socialization. Most of the muds you will find are indeed games but you can also get chat MUDs as well. Its like a runescape for the 1980s. More info here:

What MUDs can I use?

There are lots of different MUDs you can play. The most popular are:
1. 3-Kingdoms
2. Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL)
3. Aardwolf
4. The Two Towers
5. Threshold RPG
6. Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG
7. Ancient Anguish
8. SlothMUD III
9. Armageddon
10. Federation II

How do start telenet? / How do I play a MUD?

Well, MUDS are played on telenet. To start telenet, go to START, RUN, then type "telenet address port"
and where it says address port, copy the address from the 'top 10' links above ^ ^ ^. It should look like this:

Telnet Tutorial


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